The support ticket solution for WordPress.

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WP Support Ticket

The ticket solution for WordPress! Let your customers easily create help tickets and boost their trust in your brand. This support ticket plugin has everything you need and: It's free!

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The support plugin solution

WordPress Support Ticket enables your visitors to easily create support tickets for your services and products. Registered users will be able to create new tickets in the WordPress dashboard and by using a simple shortcode you can provide a support ticket form on your website. Not registered users will be automatically registered. Their access is limited to their profile and their tickets only.

But wait! WP Support Ticket can do even more for you! You can have several ticket agents, who are in charge of tickets. You can assign the tickets to each of them! Furthermore, this plugin comes with a fully integrated email notification system. Users and agents can be informed about new answers and new tickets.

That's all folks? No! What where you thinking? Of course, you can add individual text- and selectfields to your ticket form. So, besides subject and message you can add fields for order numbers, addresses, phones and much more. Just as you like!

Your developer will love this plugin

Of course the source code is fully commented so other developers can easily learn, how this plugin works. Additionally, it provides dozens of action and filter hooks, by which your developer can alter and extend the plugins functionality, so it fits exactly your needs.

All functions, filters and actions are broadly documented in the plugins Codex. Additionally almost every hook description comes along with a basic example.

And this is great... why? This plugin gets updated on a regular basis. We provide new functions and - yes - sometimes we need to remove small bugs. By providing tons of hooks your developer will be able to extend the plugin without altering it. So you will always be able to run the latest plugin without loosing your alterations!