Getting started

In this small article, we will walk you through the process of setting up the support ticket plugin. Of course, you have to install it first. If you do not know, how to do this, please read this insightful article.


After you have activated your plugin, you will find a new section in your admin menu, called “Tickets”. Here you will find all the tickets, which have been submitted. Additionally, you will find the possibility to add a new ticket and you find a settings section. Here is, where you can configure the plugin.

The settings page consists out of four tabs. A welcome tab, email settings, user settings and ticket settings. Lets follow the road:

The email settings

The email settings
Email settings can be defined here.

The email settings is the most comprehensive section in the settings of the support ticket plugin. You can define three parameter:

Do you want to notify the ticket owner, once an answer has been added to a ticket?

Do you want to notify the ticket agent, once a ticket has been updated?

And you can define the email template. The email template is an HTML template. So, if you know some HTML and CSS you can create your own template here! Use the template tag #content#. This tag will be replaced by the content of the email.

The user settings

The user settings
Define some user settings here.

Here you can simply define what agent will be the standard agent, once a ticket has been created.

The ticket settings

The ticket settings
Here you can configure some ticket options.

If a user creates a ticket, he has to submit a ticket subject and the ticket message. In the ticket settings you can add more textfields and selectboxes. So you could ask the user to submit an order ID and stuff like this.

Create a new field
With this popup box you can create a new field.

To create a new form field, you have to click “Create new field”. A popup box will show up, where you can define the field. You will be asked to add a label, which is basically the text describing the field. Out of this label, a metakey will be created. This key is used internally by the plugin. If you enter a label, the metakey field will be automatically filled. If you want, you can change the value of this field, but its not necessary.

You can either create a text input or a selectbox. If you change the type to selectbox a textfield will appear, where you have to enter the choices. You have to place each choice in a new line.

After you click “Add” the field will be added to the list. You can alter the field by clicking the pen symbol and delete the field by clicking the trash icon.

After you are done creating and altering the fields, don’t forget to hit the “Update”-button.

The shortcode

Now the only thing missing is a page with the ticket create form. Create a new page and use the shortcode [ticket_create]. Publish the site and you are done.

If you want to wrap the create ticket form in a table use [ticket_create type="table"]

Need help?

Happy to help! Use our ticket system 😀