Version 1.1.0

Today, version 1.1.0 was released!

Development is now taking place on Github. Besides of adding extensive Behat testing, there have also been some minor bug fixes and a translation into Russian (Thanks a lot!)

The Changelog:

  • Add Russian translation
  • Fixes a bug where tickets got deleted in bulk actions without properly selecting “delete”
  • Follow phpcs coding standards.
  • Rename text domain to follow WordPress standards.
  • `sts_get_statusArr()` and `sts_get_statusClassArr()` are deprecated. Use `sts_get_status_arr()` and `sts_get_status_class_arr()` instead.
  • minor bugfix where the pagination of the ticket table was out of sync with the no of tickets acutally shown.
  • Moved shortcode templates in new directory (`templates/shortcodes/`) and using a renderer now.
  • Fixed typo in assets/-folder
  • Move asset-files from admin/-folder

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